GW2: Dragon Bash thoughts

Last night our Asura duo explored the Dragon Bash festival:

DIY dragon statues; not up to Asura crafting standards...

DIY dragon statues; not up to Asura crafting standards…

There seemed to be a lot of humans and big humans … I mean Norn, stood around like gaping loons in the main plaza. Everyone was asking “how long, how many minutes”, yet the few I asked didn’t even know what they were waiting for!

Such frivolity in the face of adversity, humans are intriguing!

Such frivolity in the face of adversity, humans are intriguing!

The city is festooned with crudely made dragon-shaped balloons. I found them irritating, however they are easily popped. Strangely they contain confectionery, it is (as I would expect for human tastes) overly sweetened however and I will not be sampling any more. Thankfully there is a merchant who wants to exchange goods for them, clearly he is a fool.

Amusing, at first

Amusing .. at first

The vendor sells fireworks, however they are poorly made and would not survive travel once unboxed. So there are fireworks being set off near the vendor at all moments. Some ear protectors would be a good marketing ploy for this ‘festival’! 

A giant holo-projector

A giant holo-projector

The giant holo projection of the dragon is what I expect of human exuberant celebration, however this holo-projector intrigues me. Clearly it is Asura magi-tech, but its scale and complexity tugs at memories, I fear I have an idea who might be behind this tech and that it may hold secrets…

So far I was surprisingly impressed by the festival – on face value it could be a copy-paste job of other festivals. There’s out in the world objects that spawn fights, there’s a PVP arena, there’s a new currency to collect. But the achievement list for the event shows (spoilers!) that there will be some story attached too, and it has me interested!

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