FFXIV: FATE system

I’ve found via Uriah Nool‘s blog that there’s now a dev blog showcasing the FATE scaling event system for the revamp of Final Fantasy XIV. This looks pretty interesting to me as I’m a fan of public quests as implemented in games like Rift and Guild Wars 2.

I played FFXIV briefly in its version 1.0 incarnation. In the end the battle against the user interface was too much for my moderate level of patience. The crafting was certainly interesting though and the world had a tonne of unique character and charm. So I’m watching warily for the remake to see what has improved or been added. The game, when it relaunches, could well be worth trying out I think. The FATE system certainly has raised my level of interested a few notches.

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2 Responses to FFXIV: FATE system

  1. Hmm…am still waiting to hear about the (total) FF14 NDA lift, or did that finally happen?
    I was rather irritated by fates – it kept telling me that this and that mob was someone else’s, so I really couldn’t join or help. wonder if I was doing it rong.

  2. Telwyn says:

    No idea, this was just me commenting on a public video. I’m not in the beta as yet, not sure if I’ll bother as I have so much on my gaming plate already. I do want to keep an eye on the game when it relaunches though.

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