SWTOR: mobile tanking

A good session of Jedi-duo fun last night. In particular I discovered the joys of new-found Guardian mobility. This session we were running missions near Dreviad Outpost and later Outpost Solara.


One of the missions involved killing some Sandpeople sharpshooters that were based up on the high overhanging cliffs of the canyon. Up there I got to make spectacular use of my just-learned force push ability.

Yellow beacon marks a quest reward down below...

Tharan, you’re blocking the picture!

Yes, punting Sandpeople off of high cliffs is rather amusing! That wasn’t the best trick though. Even better was my daredevil use of force leap to jump across the chasm to engage sharpshooters on the other side!


I did this a few times successfully; it is such fun to be able to use movement abilities like this with such freedom. I’m sure in WoW and Rift the equivalent abilities would either fail with a ‘no path to target’ error or you’d just fall short (or down!). Thumbs up to the SWTOR engine for permitting this.

*looking smug*

*looking smug*

I also have started practicing force push + force leap as a combo since force push instantly refreshes force leap. I have to say having these two abilities, whether used separately or in combination, has made guardian tanking feel more mobile and active.

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  1. lazybasterd says:

    I remember doing the exact same thing. Coming from WoW, there’s no way Heroic Leap would do that, the no path thing. I don’t even know why I hit Force Leap, totally didn’t expect it to work then.. Holy shit it worked!!

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