XBox One vs PS/4 at E3 and DRM

Normally I steer clear of console news since I’m no longer really a console gamer, but the combined controversy over XBox One’s requirement for an intermittent Internet connection and Sony’s “knock it out of the park” triumph at E3 on this very same issue is worth noting. Microsoft as a gaming company continues to show far too much of the arrogance and ignorance of gamer sensibilities that they have shown for a long time with Windows computer users. There’s plenty of derision for the latest version of Windows 8 and its new tablet-friendly user interface.

The PS/4 will not have DRM for disc based games! That’s quite the reversal for a company that has had bad experiences with DRM in the past. The footnote that PS Plus member subscription service will be required for multiplayer online is a sad note, one of the things I loved about the Playstation platform was that it didn’t require a monthly sub just for you to play with friends (compared to Xbox live). However, since I would generally play multiplayer on the PC by choice this isn’t such a big issue for me.

I have no plans to buy a new console in a hurry since our venerable PS/3 has a blueray player already. But when that eventually fails from age, we’ll certainly consider a PS/4 as a replacement.

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