Guild Wars 2: Southsun Cove, done and dusted

In a longer-than-expected session our Asura duo ‘finished’ Southsun yesterday, in time before the 11th June end of that event.


When we did the Karka Queen event I’d inspected the various achievements for the Southsun event and it looked to me as though we’d missed most of them because of earlier phases. However ArenaNet actually did a nice job of keeping the content available to players who were late to the (beach) party.

There's a sample here somewhere...

There’s a sample here somewhere…

So we dutifully trekked around the island talking to NPCs and scanning for samples.


In doing the samples we discovered some hidden corners of the island. The water effects, vistas and general design of the landscapes and flora are simply stunning. Between the two activites we were suddenly within reach of getting the special back item (first screenshot above) for having completed 25 achievements.


We gave the PVP-minigame crab toss a single go, I found it chaotic and rather confusing.  Hardly my idea of fun, but doing it once was enough for another achievement towards the 25.

Be very, very quiet...

Be very, very quiet…

We even found a sample up in the hive where the culmination of the original Karka event took place. It was almost empty, eerily so, though I was very glad not to be fighting for our lives every inch of the way up that webbed slope this time around!

In the end we completed a few other events (e.g. the egg collection event) and even had one final go at the new Karka Queen. A very satisfying end to the event and an unexpected re-introduction to Guild Wars 2. I’m not quite ready to make it my main game again, but I’m more interested in the future content releases again.

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