SWTOR: Dromund Kaas

We had a good length game of our Imperial leveling trio last night. As is becoming the norm we used Skype for easy coordination, with the side benefit of being able to chat and joke as we play.


Since this is our first play through on Imperial-side characters, everything is refreshingly new and different. I find Dromund Kaas an interesting world, there’s a lot of factionalism being unveiled and some really nice snippets of dialogue in the various conversation cut-scenes. Little details that really add so much to the sense of immersion – like our Sith Inquisitor reminding an Imperial officer, who was about to berate us for not doing as asked, that she *is* Sith and therefore not to be questioned.


I am finding it a little strange that Bioware chose to use various British Isles accents for Imperial officers. The variety of accents used is very noticeable; for instance Captain Bryn (the officer mentioned above) has a broad South Wales accent. I haven’t made up my mind yet whether I find it charming or a bit strange…

In any case I am loving playing this trio of characters. Bounty Hunter (Pyrotech dps) is great fun – the partial emphasis on melee of this skill tree means I can choose to be at range or up-front with the tank. It strikes a balance between my full-on melee Guardian and ranged healer Sage. This gives an added tactical layer to combat that my other main characters do not have.

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6 Responses to SWTOR: Dromund Kaas

  1. Pallais says:

    Trivia bit: Because the original Star Wars movie was filmed mostly in the UK, many of the Imperial personnel were played by UK actors. Thus, it became tradition to have the Empire side played/voiced by UK actors for continuity sakes.

    • Telwyn says:

      Oh interesting, it makes sense – though I can’t think of many Imps getting to talk beyond the Moffs and other high-ups…

      • kiantremayne says:

        As another example – if you play the Imperial Agent storyline, your character has a British accent until he is told to “lose the Imperial accent” when going undercover. He then delivers the rest of his lines in an American accent until the end of that assignment. Props to the voice actor and actress for the class for doing both accents to a pretty high standard.

  2. bhagpuss says:

    The Secret World also uses a variety of British regional accents, which makes sense given that one of the main areas is London. There’s a welsh character there too that I found very amusing.

  3. Rohan says:

    One thing about accents for Imperials in TOR is that they tend to correspond to the social classes. Thus the Sith and high rank Imps have the classic British aristocrat accent. As you go further down the ranks, the other accents start showing up.

    I thought that was a very nice, subtle touch in TOR.

  4. Telwyn says:

    Oh I love that example from the Agent storyline. Since I’ve lived in Wales and have friends up in the North of England I do love hearing the accents in the game. I wonder based on these comments whether Bioware made their own decisions about what accents to use or whether they followed dictats or established practice from Lucasarts?

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