Gaming is srs bsns, or is it?

Gaming can be treated as very serious business (srs bsns for short), but actually I do like games to have a lighter side. A while ago I saw the class preview videos for Aion’s next expansion (featuring gunner and bard) and laughed out loud at the showy, over-the-top graphics. Towards the end of the Bard video there’s an ability that looks straight out of a 1980s cartoon.

Bards shooting unicorns at their enemies, what’s not to like? Well in our last Asura duo gaming session in Guild Wars 2, I was surprised to see a slightly subtler but thematically similar spell effect in Guild Wars 2.

Karka Queen, taste the rainbow!

Karka, taste rainbow unicorn death!

According to the’s guide this is the Dreamer Legendary weapon skin.

Naturally some people are up in arms on the forums that such lighthearted content has been added to the game. Personally I find this no more ‘immersion breaking’ than have  modern-styled clothing like hoodies or sunglasses available. But in any case I don’t care what others choose to dress their characters in or what weapon skins they choose to use. Vive la difference!

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