Guild Wars 2: Dragon bashing and Karka Queens

ArenaNet have a blogpost up on the new Dragon Bash event for June. The embedded video shows a Lion’s Arch focused festival. From what I’ve seen it looks like a race mini-game, some PVP and other activities. It sounds like eventually there’ll be more general PVE activities to do: “Starting June 18, you’ll also find dragon effigies all across Tyria during Dragon Bash”.

In the meantime we now have the final part of the Southsun event live. I remember the massive fights of the first Karka event with fondness, so here’s to another big fight or two!


We ported or ran back and forth across the island for about an hour before the main event kicked off. The fights with the karka and wild creature invasions can be pretty hairy on their own actually. In particular the karka champions, those fights include rapid spawning ‘popper’ hatchlings that stun and explode  – get caught by a zerg of those little critters and you’ll be eating dirt in no time.


The event was chaotic, frenetic fun as per the original. This time around it is repeating every so often and it’s a lot more compact. Worth doing a couple of times I’m sure but not something we’ll spend days repeating ad nauseum.

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  1. Meznir says:

    You know, I don’t think this can be compared to the Karka event. Apart from the reuse of the model, the event is completely different. The first time it was epically chasing her around the island, using landslides and thermals to push her back to her nest – this time she spawns, you kill her, done. These events are good though – but the emphasis seems more on the defence of the camps than killing the queen.

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