Neverwinter’s Gateway and SWTOR

I’ve been doing some more in-game and Gateway crafting in Neverwinter this weekend. It’s a great activity to fit in-between gaming sessions. I’ve started working on Leadership as a secondary to my Mailsmithing main focus.  The game does, however, require you to login occasionally to restock on crafting fuels/materials (e.g. charcoal for Mailsmithing).

This brings me to think of the companion crafting system in SWTOR and just how well suited that would be to a similar website portal treatment. I’d suggest a website is better than a smart-phone app – there are three competing smartphone platforms to develop for. It’d be very nice to be able to send my companions off on missions to gather mats while I’m on my lunch break, or to craft a few items to skill-up my Synthweaving. I guess there might be an issue with how many reward screens we can have ‘pending’.  At least in SWTOR you can already send a companion on a mission to retrieve the vendor-sold materials (gels, electronic components etc), so that one restriction of Neverwinter’s crafting system is less of an issue in SWTOR.

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