SWTOR: ships and class missions

In yesterday’s session the Jedi duo had their respective ‘interlude’ missions, both class stories featured an “off to the back of beyond” type mission. So we duly took turns riding in each other’s starship to join the fun.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!

For the most part these ‘private’ missions play very well with company. It might make them a bit easy as they’re tuned for one player – but then I can remember having problems on my consular with some because, well he’s the sage advanced class. Soloing as healer can be a pain in any MMO.

Chairs that can support a hero's armour are rare in this galaxy...

Chairs that can support a hero’s armour are rare in this galaxy…

I actually love getting to share the ship with someone. But it wouldn’t be very practical as a normal mode of playing. Quite often, due to story phases I suppose, the ship-sharing breaks down. For instance at the end of both our missions when trying to re-enter a ship, the guesting character ended up back on their own ship. Not a big problem as we weren’t in a heavy RP group or anything. But it’s a shame that the generally very group-friendly mission system has these odd quirks.

I would be remiss not to post my hope that in the future Bioware will find the resources to add some customisation to our personal ships. I’d personally love for mementos of major achievements or story moments to be on display somewhere. But I guess an equivalent of the ‘dye-system’ for ship interiors and some more furniture would be good as well!

PS This SWTOR screenshot bug is *really* annoying for blog writing. None of the lovely screenshots I thought I’d take last night came out . So I’ve had to log both characters in and recreate some this at the time of writing.

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