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SWTOR: Hammer Station’s darker side

Imperial trio last night, a very successful session despite some connection issues. Finishing off Dromund Kaas quick-smart we ran around a Dark Temple and did class stories and dealt with some crazed cultists. Grabbing our starships and zooming over to … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2: more Dragon Bash

This post is a week late in the making. We only got around to completing the ‘Ceremony and Acrimony‘ story instance in Lion’s Arch last night; life is just that busy at the moment. The story instance was nice enough, … Continue reading

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Switching to the fast lane

Hopefully by the time I get home from work today a telecomms engineer will have upgraded our Internet connection to a much faster fibre service. We live within the urban setting of the capital but due to the technical limitations … Continue reading

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GW2 patch notes and the class balancing rollercoaster

The Guild Wars 2 forums has a lot of threads complaining about the latest class changes that have come in yesterday’s patch (patch notes). I’ll avoid discussing the details of the mesmer-nerf or the ranger-nerf since that’s already online on … Continue reading

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EQ2: urban questing and the Qeynos Timeline

One interesting aspect of EQ2, probably a newish thing that came with the city revamps, is the idea of urban quest chains. They seem to be grouped into sub-chains every 20 levels; some relate to the story of the city … Continue reading

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Rift: 4 new souls = all roles for all classes

This forum post has me interested in keeping an eye on plans for future Rift development. Supposedly the latest livestream ( link) included an announcement that there’ll be four more souls coming to the game in the future. Healing Warrior … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Alchemy profession

I haven’t been playing Neverwinter of late simply due to lack of time. However I did pop into game yesterday just to check out the new Alchemy crafting profession. Alchemy is my favourite profession in most MMOs and one I’m … Continue reading

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