Shadowrun games x2

There are actually two new Shadowrun games in production at present, a very long absence of anything good for this amazing RPG/IP and all of a sudden two come at once.

Shadowrun Returns is a turn based, very strategic looking game where you control a party of characters. It looks reminiscent of earlier D&D computer games, like Baldur’s Gate or Pools of Radiance. I *really* like the apparent depth of the gameplay, if you watch this alpha footage you’ll see what I’m talking about. As a bonus it relates to the version of Shadowrun I last played (2nd/3rd editions). Deckers are the computer experts (not hackers) and riggers exist as a distinct character archetype. I think the use of remote controlled drones and spirits looks pretty cool. The game will ship with a mission creation tool for you to make your own missions, a major bonus feature. Sadly the big downside is that, at present, they aren’t going to be implementing multiplayer. I can understand that it’s better to under-promise and over-deliver than the other way around but seriously, this game screams LAN/IP multiplayer! #sadpanda

Shadowrun Online also a turn based RPG, although the game is earlier in development so it’s hard to tell just how deep the gameplay will be. The advantage of this game is that its online multiplayer, my preferred gamestyle these days. Visually Shadowrun Online has an edge – the astral sight looks pretty good and the hacker’s matrix info overlay looks good too (called the Layered world, see this video).

According to this forum page, Shadowrun Returns is due this summer and Shadowrun Online is due in November of this year. I’ll be keeping an eye on these two games for sure.

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