SWTOR: armour fashion and tidy profit

I only had an hour-ish last night for gaming so as I logged into SWTOR I decided to get on with leveling some crafting skills. 

My smuggler has been wearing the armour pictured below, a reward from a mission if I remember correctly. I do like the high-tech gear integrated in the collar. 

Hi-tech smuggler

Hi-tech smuggler

But then I’ve also been crafting some orange gear on my Armourmech skilled trooper, and it only occurred to me last night to check out what that actually looks like. So now my smuggler has a more ‘classic’ look.

Classic smuggler

Classic smuggler

The above is the Drelliad Jacket medium armour, as shown below.


I’d made a quick profit last weekend making some of these. There are always a few on the Trade Network, usually priced at 9000. So I put a couple on for 7000 and they both sold within a day. That’s over trebled my troopers available money! The inflated prices on mature MMO servers can be a real pain when you’re looking to buy gear early on, but they also can make your newbie character a tidy profit if you have some luck!

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2 Responses to SWTOR: armour fashion and tidy profit

  1. Meznir says:

    I suppose that a major advantage of SWTOR’s upgradable orange system. Normally at low level you would only make stuff other lowbies want to buy. Here you can craft stuff max level people will buy for looks!

    • Telwyn says:

      Yes, and if the jedi robes are anything to go by some of the best looks come from really early mission rewards or drops. The upgrade system is a real boon to crafters actually despite this.

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