Guild Wars 2: lost in Southsun Cove

The Secret of Southsun event is ongoing in Guild Wars 2 (from May 14 to 28th). I haven’t played much GW2 in ages so thought I’d patch up and login to see what’s about. I knew from the title I’d need to port over to Southsun so I zoomed over to the NE beachhead waypoint, in the chaos of the original Karka event I didn’t actually get many of the waypoints unlocked so travel around the island is a painful slog through nasty karka and windrider monsters for my squishy mesmer.

Some story

Some story

Speaking to a yellow-star NPC event guide at the beach I knew to go to the new Pearl Islet resort and look for some guardswoman. Turns out talking to her didn’t do much. So was I waiting for a timed event to happen? Was it bugged? After a bit of running around and killing windriders nearby I noticed the yellow crossed-swords symbol of a new event appear on my mini-map.


So I ran over to it to find the same guardswoman had randomly appeared there. She vanished moments after I joined the mass of fighting heroes. She was talking to someone and then entered a hut and vanished. Erm, what? Just then another event icon appears back near the starter beach. I ported over to find some consortium charr running around in a rather strange and random fashion while dragons battled the guards. He also vanished shortly after I arrived.

In the end I logged off in frustration. Nothing really seemed to make any sense and short of reading up spoilers on a wiki I didn’t feel like I was going to have an enjoyable game session. I suspect it’s my own impatience to blame; I’m just too used to (and too content with) the more directed quest/mission experience from SWTOR or the like.

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  1. João Carlos says:

    “I’m just too used to (and too content with) the more directed quest/mission experience from SWTOR or the like.”

    While you are content with it, maybe you need be less used to it. MMO now need innovation and things need change from old systems. Take note that I am not sure how things will work with wildstar, but seeing it will have dynamic quests and a “scientist” path we can conjecture that maybe the direct quest experience will not be present.

    Inspector Kiel talks to an informant and find clues about who is the culprit. That event repats itself a lot of times, so it is not really hard to see the conversation. Currently, since update yesterday,the culprit lair was found and players are going ther for solo instance capture him.

    You can too try complete the achievements at Southsun. The two backpacks are nice and one can be upgraded to ascended gear. And completing thatt achievements too give clues about the current and future events.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Actually, I agree with you on how the event feels. The core problem is that you start with a letter, directing you to speak to Inspector Kiel. To a veteran MMO player, this is “go talk to this questgiver, who will guide you through the event.” What ArenaNet seems to actually be trying to communicate is “hey, there is some stuff in this zone you might want to check out.”

    Kiel does very little, and can be completely ignored. If you are terribly curious, you can do an event or two where she will reveal “who did it.” But there really isn’t much story here to see. The “meat” of the Southsun event is the dynamic events that cycle, and the achievements (found in the hero panel, in the “Secret of Southsun” section. I wouldn’t overly worry about spoilers on the wiki since ArenaNet chose to include detailed spoilers in the achievement section — we already had the name of “who did it” right in there.

    This shouldn’t be taken as being too critical of the actual content. Many of the dynamic events are quite fun, and the dialogs with the NPCs on the beach from Divinity’s Reach are amusing. There is a solo dungeon (more of a puzzle than a straight up fight) that has just been added. But the standard MMO-mode of “you are the hero, and there is a big plot that the quest chains will reveal” isn’t true here. In Southsun, its more that events are unfolding around you, and you can see them if you hang about.

    • Telwyn says:

      I’ll certainly log back in to see the big queen fight if I can as I loved the epic battles in the original Southsun event. I might even give the achievement ago as backpacks are always useful (as João mentions). While I’m certainly being negative in this post it’s more about my perception of the quality and methods of delivering the story. In any case I do think ArenaNet is good at taking risks and trying new things, so I’m hopeful they’ll find a better balance between encouraging exploration of story and clearer sign-posting of key steps for those that want at least some direction.

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