Neverwinter: dinging through invocation..

Although I’ve mostly been busy with SWTOR this last week I have logged into Neverwinter every night to do my invocation (for free rough astral diamonds) and to do a bit of crafting.


The first invocation every day gives a celestial coin. These start vanishing if you don’t invoke every day. I have a double problem here though as when we’re not playing in our cleric/wizard duo I’m not wanting to get ahead due to experience from invocation – so it looks like I’ll be having to put even that activity on hold for now, in the week since we last played I’ve already gotten a level and a quarter just from invocation!

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3 Responses to Neverwinter: dinging through invocation..

  1. Shintar says:

    Lol, I’ve been “struggling” with that, as I haven’t really played in a while but have still been doing my daily invocation every day – so far I’ve gone from level 34 to 36 purely from invoking. 😛

  2. Didn’t eeeeven know doing that gave exp. Hahaha. I learn so much from your blog.

  3. pkudude99 says:

    My GWF I play duo with a friend is now 20. My friend is 18. He’s invoking as well, but I’m doing more offline crafting via the gateway.

    My GF is now 24. i last played it other than crafting and invoking at level 20…..

    My CW went from 34 to knocking on the door of 39 just from crafting and invoking.

    My TR went from 27 to 32 with only 1 play session getting 2 levels. The other 3… yup, crafting and invoking.

    I’m actively playing my DC as my main. Level 41 now, but without C&I it would probably be 35-36 instead.

    Lotta XP from those activities.

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