Neverwinter: wait an see?

I’m in two minds about playing Neverwinter at the moment. Firstly SWTOR has suddenly loomed large gobbling up my limited freetime. But also there is the ongoing, and it seems intensifying, exploit drama.

Pray that Tyr will smite the exploiters!

Pray that Tyr will smite the exploiters!

This latter issue could just be an MMO forums thing. I’ve seen “this game is doooomed” threads about every game I’ve played in the MMO genre. The threads start in beta and reappear sporadically whenever the devs make any substantial changes to the game.

What worries me though is that PWE *might* be forced to do a character wipe due to the in-game economic effects of the latest, auction house-related exploit. I strongly dislike repeating the same story on the same character class. So a wipe now I could live with, but a later wipe (by which time I might have a level 60 character) would be a potential reason for me to walk away from the game. As of this morning they are rolling back the servers 7 hours to undo some of the damage. Good job I didn’t play over the weekend!

N.B. PWE continue to state there will not be a wipe. This post is just me voicing my concerns that MMO devs sometimes have to go back on a strongly worded denial. In my case I feel it’s better to slow down my involvement with Neverwinter, at least until I see how PWE handle this developing situation.

What do you think?

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3 Responses to Neverwinter: wait an see?

  1. yanniesaurus says:

    I think they should wipe. or at least, roll back the servers a couple of days. I hate people that exploit games – they ruin it for everyone. PWE need to take a leaf from larger MMOs and Permaban all that exploited the bug.

  2. rifter says:

    It sounds like they are tracking down the exploiters and banning them. That is a good start. They rolled back the server… on my 2nd day, and longest play. I still haven’t gotten back to where I WAS before the wipe. 😦

    I keep getting worried about healing. I love the cleric so far, but it sounds like healing is completely messed up on the high end. Aggro is just terrible.

    • Telwyn says:

      Sorry to hear you lost a lot of progression. I can’t comment on end-game healing, I’m only level 17 myself but I have seen already in skirmishes that monsters quickly gang-up on the cleric if the tank isn’t doing his/her job (and in PUGs are they ever likely to be?).

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