SWTOR: surprise bonus

The Relics of the Gree event is returning to Ilum from the 21st May to the 28th May. I missed out on this event in previous incarnations because I was taking a break from the game so it’ll be something fresh for me to experience. At least some of the content appears to be in the PVP zone, let’s hope I can do some missions regardless. There’s a slight hint of urgency to this event this time around, at least for those not yet owning the Hutt Cartel expansion (emphasis mine in the quote):

This is a great time for players at level 45+ to jump into the event before the event returns at level 55 in the future.

Patch 2.1 has come and I’ve hardly noticed, other than the horde of new kitty men and women running around. In 5-odd years of playing WoW I only once bought a faction change as we needed more healers on our Horde-side guild. I never in all that time paid for any cosmetic changes to any of my characters. In a similar way my Jedi sage main character in SWTOR still has one of the first orange robes he ever acquired and that’s his normal attire.

Still I’ve not played my sage for some weeks now, I’m too busy with leveling groups. But this Gree event may be the perfect impetus for me to break out my main again for some reputation hunting.

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