SWTOR: Bounty hunter first impressions

I’ve now played my new bounty hunter for a second, more substantial session.


I ended the session at level 8, so still very early days. But so far I’m enjoying the class rather a lot. It helps that Nal Hutta is an interesting starter world, more interesting than Ord Mantell in my opinion.

Flaming rocket punch!

Flaming rocket punch!

I already have a great signature ability “rocket punch” that is so over the top in its animation. As I finished I gained the flamethrower as a combat ability although I haven’t used it yet.

Champion robot

Champion robot

Playing solo for now on this character, I was impressed with how buzzing with people Nal Hutta was. Even better there were lots of people looking to do the harder content on the planet. I did several heroic missions and killed a champion robot (above) by simply grouping up with whoever was nearby at the time. No fuss, no drama and some polite Imperial players so far!

Sunset over Nal Hutta

Sunset over Nal Hutta

I’ve also started playing a Sith sorceror now as part of a leveling trio; once we get that group off of Korriban, I’ll be able to swap to the bounty hunter. It’ll avoid story-mission overlap and make, I hope, for a nicely balanced group.



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2 Responses to SWTOR: Bounty hunter first impressions

  1. pkudude99 says:

    You gonna go Merc or Powertech? I have a commando (healer) and a Vanguard trooper (tank) as well as a mid-20’s BH (merc dps) and I honestly can’t say which I prefer of the 3 playstyles. My tank is 50, but overall the healer feels more powerful since while my tank companion isn’t “the best” it’s still enough to tank champion mobs while I keep it healed and whittle down that mob. Not the fastest, perhaps, but doable.

    • Telwyn says:

      This character will be for the Empire-side trio leveling group. My friends will be playing a Marauder tank and a Sorceror healer so I’ll be going dps. I presume both advanced classes have a dps option so I’ll have to look at how both play / what weapons I’d end up using.

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