Rift: free to play in June

It’s finally been announced – Rift will go free to play in June of this year. That’s one of the last hold-out subscription MMOs converting. Massively has further coverage of this and so does Wilhelm of the Ancient Gaming Noob:

Some people will be cheering, feeling that every game needs to be free, that there is only one right model.

Others like me, who have been unhappy with the rot that cash shops can bring, will be less enthusiastic.

I still have four or five months subscription left from the Storm Legion pre-order deal so technically I’m still a subscriber. That said I haven’t felt remotely tempted to log in for months now. I do believe Trion have proven to be a very reactive development company that has delivered an almost unparalleled amount of new content over a significant time period.

But that content for the most part hasn’t been interesting enough for me, personally, to want to keep playing the game. The fact that the game will still be available when my sub runs out is irrelevant since there’s nothing to draw me back in again. That’s in direct contrast to SWTOR;  I unsubbed for a break, but now I’m back playing other classes through the game and enjoying it. I’d be tempted to argue that with its rapid leveling speed and mostly linear leveling paths Rift never gave altoholics a reason to keep playing.

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3 Responses to Rift: free to play in June

  1. pkudude99 says:

    I’m the same — don’t even think of Rift when I sit down to the computer for a gaming session. I don’t do gear grinds at end-game, so once I cap a character it doesn’t get played much, if at all. I’m now capped on 3 and 56 on the 4th, and if I ever cap it out, the Rift will be truly done for me. As it is…. I’ve seen both continents. Haven’t done “every” quest, but probably well over 90% of them, so as a result… nothing really to keep me logging in either.

    Add in that I’m enjoying Neverwinter a lot more than I ever expected to and I have a hard time getting more than an hour or 2 of gaming time a week anymore due to new work schedules, and. . . yeah, Rift ain’t “it” for me anymore. Perhaps sometime in the future I’ll pick it up again — I remember it fondly and was completely in love with it again for about 3 months after the expansion dropped, after all. Time will tell.

    • Telwyn says:

      I really like Trion but Rift has always been an “almost” hit for me. I agree that Neverwinter is good fun to play, I really wasn’t that interested during its development.

      • pkudude99 says:

        Me either. I thought NWN was merely “ok” and never bothered with NWN2. DDO I’ve never gotten past level 8 on any character (and usually not past 5… and I start at 4 with veteran status. . . . ). I haven’t liked “action combat” in any mmo to date either, so I truly didn’t expect to care much for NW either. But I do. Go figure.

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