SWTOR: Athiss ‘muo’ challenges

Over the weekend we tried to muo (duo with companions) the Athiss flashpoint. Going in we thought it was lower level, turns out the missions are level 21 and we’d only just dinged that level ourselves.


We got half way, up to the second boss basically, and then hit a brick wall. Our companions weren’t able to output enough damage and my Jedi guardian tank lacks enough area effect damage skills to keep aggro on the waves of additional beasts the boss summons.

Call me Mr Roadblock

Call me Mr Roadblock

We’ll go back again probably at level 23 since there are some nice orange gear upgrades available at that level. According to this class guide the Jedi guardian is the weakest tank for large groups so I’m not surprised we struggled here. We’ll have to gear up our characters and our companions as much as possible and try again.

Despite this it’s still great fun to be playing the game as duo and the heroics are providing a nice level of challenge.


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