Neverwinter: skirmish experience

Last night I did the first skirmish, Blacklake Terror, for the first time on my Control Wizard. I was questing in that zone and was given the quest to do the skirmish as I gained level 8. There are a lot of people constantly asking how to access this in zone chat. I guess they haven’t noticed that the ‘L’ key panel (that is shown when you login) includes shortcuts to queue for level appropriate skirmishes, dungeons and PVP zones.

Undead attack!

Undead attack!

The skirmish was extremely short, the UI approximates a run of 15 minutes, but I doubt it even took ten. The group I ended up in was well-balanced; my control wizard, a cleric, two dps fighters and a guardian tank.


I spent the various stages of the skirmish trying my best to be a good ‘control’ wizard, i.e. using my various ice spells to freeze or slow opponents – especially anything getting near me or the cleric. There was zero communication between the players sadly, although at this level I guess there’s no need for tactics.


It was over quickly enough, there are leader-boards for damage, healing etc if that’s of interest. The chest offered a nice reward, although at such a low level I seem to be replacing gear almost constantly. Our main duo characters (level 15 now) very quickly out-leveled this, it’s best to just do it as soon as possible if you intend to.

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    The next skirmish is a touch longer, and in your 20’s, the final boss for that skirmish has a gajillion hp, so while he’s not “hard” he still takes quite a while to whittle down. Overall, the skirmishes so far have been quite enjoyable for a bit of mindless group-based slaughter.

    FWIW, the skirmish in the 20’s has mobs level 24, so going before 22 might not be the greatest idea. I went in on my Guardian Fighter last night right as I hit 20, and it wasn’t pretty (for me).

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