SWTOR: dark temptations

I originally started playing SWTOR with a friend, and he is now looking to come back (Yay for free to play!). So we’ll be starting a new trio leveling team including my partner. To avoid repeating Coruscant *again*, we’ve settled on playing Imp side this time, I’ve not seen anything beyond the level 16 Sith marauder I made in beta.

They have pretty much settled on wanting Sith and I can’t blame them as the friend played a smuggler main so Imperial agent isn’t looking that attractive, plus they both want to play lightsaber-wielders. I’m torn between playing a bounty hunter (ranged dps) and a sith assassin. If I were to play the assassin though both I and the friend’s sorceror would have the same story, which means we’d have to juggle the personal story advancement issues (we might disagree on direction to take at crucial moments).

So my current plan is to solo level a bounty hunter in parallel with the leveling trio; in the group I’ll play a sith sorceror/assassin up to the point of story convergence for all classes. Then I can decide which I prefer playing and whether the shared story is actually an issue (I’ll have a 10+ level preview of this already by then).

At present the plan is to do one trio session a week so it won’t be fast paced progress, but if I feel the need for more SWTOR my partner and I can carry on with our Jedi duo as well.

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  1. Shintar says:

    I’ve levelled two duos that shared the same story and haven’t found it an issue, we just selected separate phases and did the class bits in parallel but solo (while chatting about what we were doing). I don’t recommend doing it together (in the same phase) because only one person will actually get credit for progressing their class story at a time, so you’d have to do it twice, and the person who’s forced to just watch the first time around would basically have the entire story spoiled for them just before they get to play through it themselves.

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