Neverwinter: what is ‘endgame’ for this MMO?

Keen has posted on those power leveling in Neverwinter using so-called ‘exploit maps’ in the Foundry (it appears experience rewards from Foundry have already been nerfed as a reaction to this).

I have no real opinion on the exploit maps, but if players are power-leveling to get to the level 60 cap and the ‘endgame’ what will they actually be doing? This Youtube interview with a Cryptic big-wig (Jack Emmert, 2:48 onwards) last October includes a brief mention of tougher PVE content and PVP as endgame. I’m somewhat concerned over the idea of a mixed PVE/PVP zone – if this is Allods all over again (i.e. forced PVP) then we’ll be ignoring that zone completely.

The secret weapon in Neverwinter is the Foundry as a source for new player generated PVE content. Beyond that, I’ll certainly be leveling a few classes to cap. However I’ll probably wait for some new classes to come out before rushing to start on a proper ‘alt’ character. Other than the cleric I think the basic set of five characters are thematically rather bland. A ranger or druid would certainly get me excited again about leveling a second character.

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4 Responses to Neverwinter: what is ‘endgame’ for this MMO?

  1. Vagabond says:

    And I guess ranger or druid will exactly be the next class (I’d prefer the druid).
    If I am correct, Nature nodes are not “minable” by default by any class now. That points toward either of the above mentioned classes.

    • Telwyn says:

      Many people have said that ranger is next as it was featured in some preview video (well an archer type was). I’d be happy with that for now, though I will have to roll a druid if they add that class eventually.

  2. Dave says:

    Just FYI they nerfed the cleric, so now it’s bland too 🙂

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