Neverwinter: all in the details

As we continue to duo our merry way through Neverwinter I continue to enjoy the action combat and group dynamics. Quest areas have monsters on a fast respawn so there’s a slight hint of urgency to our travels. But I am also delighted by little details in the game. It seems to me that the dev team have some real D&D fans, or at the very least they’ve done a lot of research!

A room with character..

Paintings of a former grandeur..

NPCs have optional dialogue that broadens their back story and that of the city; they also explain a bit more what the task is or why it is important to them. I love this kind of detail. It’s very reminiscent of Neverwinter Nights 1 or the earlier Bioware games set in the same world of Faerûn.

I’ve already commented on the graphical portrayal of the city being beautiful. I think part of that, too, is the amount of detail in the objects placed to give a sense that the city is or, in some parts, was lived in. Bookshelves stacked with objects, broken masonry, ruined towers and houses; it’s all rather impressive to just stand and look at. It may not have the ‘painterly’ surreal beauty of Tyria in Guild Wars 2, but it is very close in quality and detail.

Orc architecture at its best

Orc architecture at its best

Another thing I’ve noticed, at least in the low-level areas I’ve so far played through, is that there are both class quests and race quests. I’m a huge fan of this kind of content, in this case the quests help to give your character a sense of connection to the world – and the extra chat options with the NPC quest givers have some great lore to read.

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