SWTOR: competition and cooperation in open PVE content

Like most quest-based (or mission-based) MMORPGs, there are some tasks that can cause competition between un-grouped players. This could be for specific opponents (e.g, kill 10 Imperials), for specific objects (e.g, collect 10 droid cores) or interactive objects (e.g, stab 10 computer panels with your lightsaber). I’ve seen the same many, many times over the years in WoW, LOTRO and Rift of course.

It's my mob! No mine!

It’s my mob! No mine!

I’ve noticed a lot of players rushing to engage enemies in the game, but even when you are clearly already engaged in a fight other players will dive in as well. That behaviour makes me wonder if there’s something beyond competition for mobs here. I get the impression that players are fighting over tagging mobs as always, although as on a side note almost no-one seems to be gathering, I’ve not had to fight for nodes since coming back.

Regarding the unexpected help in fights, are players on Progenitor actually helping one another to kill mobs more often these days? I’ve noticed a few times when we’ve duo’ed a champion mob (gold/silver) that other players join in. Some have then hung around after it died, do they want us to help them kill the same when it respawns? Of course they don’t say anything, nor do they respond when we say a ‘thank you’ (thanks to the Free to Play restrictions simple emote politeness is dead in this game now).

Perhaps it’s the subtle influence of players returning from Guild Wars 2’s shared kill/gathering utopia? Or maybe the free to play restrictions could actually be having a coincidental positive effect on player behaviour – e.g. limited med probes is some how fostering an increase in player cooperation?

I have nothing beyond anecdotes to base this on so far, but the server is buzzing population-wise and the players seem to be interacting more, albeit in that slightly weird silent manner I observed often in Guild Wars 2. I’ll be interested to hear from others if this is something they’ve noticed!

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  1. Shintar says:

    To be honest I’ve always found that players were more likely to be helpful than overly competitive, even before the F2P conversion. Again that’s only anecdotal though.

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