Neverwinter: the power of the Foundry

Yesterday our duo team hit an experience snag. We suddenly had all level 10 quests and we were only half way through level 8. As a duo we could probably do a level 10 quest but if we keep on like that we’d soon enough reach an impasse. So what to do? Well since level 8 we’d had the first skirmish quest – but to be honest PUG’ing a 5-person dungeon in any game doesn’t fit into a lazy Sunday afternoon gaming session in my book!

Here be fire elementals

Here be fire elementals!

So we played two adventures that stated they’d be suitable for 2 players rather than a full group or solo. This is a potentially massive advantage of Neverwinter over other competing games. Creative players have the Foundry toolset and can make adventures for different group sizes and at different challenge levels. For those who just play the game there’s a separate pool of content (rapidly expanding) that’s there to help you progress.

Creepy forest

Creepy forest

So our level gap? Plugged by only playing two adventures, both of which were nicely scripted and well crafted dungeons. To be honest other than one or two text issues; you could hardly tell the difference between these two and the official story dungeons! In case you want to try them; the adventures are called Blacklake Gold and A Discovery in Neverwinter Wood (the latter is part one of the Dweomerkeepers series).

Noticeboard - grab yourselves an adventure!

Noticeboard – grab yourselves an adventure!

The real power of the Foundry is that it offers an escape from the random group grind for those who prefer to play mostly with friends and family. I see enough small group content on there already and there’s some solo modules too. You get to rate and review Foundry content after playing it, but the real way of contributing in the longer term is to make something yourself so that the pool of content keeps on growing. Lack of free time dictates that my creations will have to wait till the summer proper but I’m looking forward to some dungeon crafting!

Question for the day: what if players can craft entire alternate leveling paths so you can avoid repeating the official storyline again whenever you create a new alt? *mind blown*

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  1. Meznir says:

    I think I’ll definitely want to start making some Foundry stuff soon – or at least have a play with it.

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