Neverwinter: graphics impressions

I’ve started a new cleric to play duo with my partner’s newly created wizard. We’ve managed to overtake my solo wizard’s progress in under 3 hours – not surprising given that we’re now in group and I have healing.


I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the overall graphics quality of the game. The character models aren’t quite up to Tera’s level of polish but since Neverwinter is performing much better on my computer (even in beta), I’m happy to compromise on that.

It's getting hot in here..

It’s getting hot in here..

The effects for fire, ice and other spells in general are particularly well done – which makes playing a pair of spellcasters even more enjoyable!

Wait, did someone let a Sith in here?

Wait, did someone let a Sith in here?

On a side note I did have to create a manual profile in the NVidia 3D settings (Alienware M14X laptop) to get it to use the Nvidia processor instead of the Intel on-board one. Why are new games not doing this automatically? All my previous MMOs including WoW, LOTRO, DDO, SWTOR etc never had a single issue with this!

We’ve both been impressed by the design of the game, the zones and backgrounds. Perhaps the only issue graphics-wise that I’ve seen so far is the amateurish mouth animations when NPCs are talking to you, they could definitely improve those though it’s not that big a deal as I tend to read the text while listening more than actually watching them talk.

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  1. Meznir says:

    Definitely agree. Spell graphics are some of the best I’ve seen for a while; scenery seems to range from okayish to gorgeous (though the lighting and effects such as fire make up for some of the weaker sets) – but it’s the character models that are the main let down. My tiefling looks pretty good, but the humans an dwarves look like plastic toys. It’s a lot more noticeable on the npcs than pcs as you zoom in for chats. I think SWTOR has spoilt us for that, their animations and models are leagues better.

    And as for the HIDEOUS faux British accents… With so many voice actors looking for work and the ease to send voice clips across the Internet, I’m appalled with the results. I do like that they are voicing the quests though, it does feel more immersive than just reading text these days.

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