Neverwinter: level 5 impressions

So I’ve finally had some time to play through the start of Cryptic’s new Neverwinter MMORPG.

Ray of Frost spell

Ray of Frost spell

I decided to play a control wizard as a solo character, mainly because I wanted to give tactical combat a try. By level five I’ve just started to see a few more challenging fights and even the odd non-boss group that can do some serious damage.

Now this *is* crowd control

Now this *is* crowd control

The game play is fun so far, combat feels impactful and fluid. I’m still learning the dodge mechanic as it seems a bit less responsive than the Guild Wars 2 or Tera equivalents – possibly to do with differences in how you time dodges inbetween ability casts.

A transferable skill: standing in red stuff on floor is bad!

Sage advice in any game – standing in red stuff on the floor is bad!

The mini dungeons seem well crafted, there’s some interesting little mechanics – like the treasure ‘chests’ that only certain classes can open. The quest journal has a nice lore section full of descriptive texts on the city, major characters and factions (major plus points for that!).

Rest shrine.. erm, I mean rest *campfire*

Rest shrine.. erm, I mean rest *campfire*


Like DDO and Tera health regeneration is tied, at least partially, to fixed resting places. Health potions seem like they’ll play a major part in the game as well. I wonder if this will go so far as to obviate the need for a dedicated healer in every party? Of course there’s also the companion system to come which will have a role to play.

I’ll be interested to try this as a duo game as well, although I suspect it will not be as well suited to duo + companion gameplay as SWTOR.

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3 Responses to Neverwinter: level 5 impressions

  1. Shintar says:

    I’m trying this as well right now! There’s a lot of little things to love and it captures the D&D setting very well I feel, though the combat needed some getting used to for me (and still does, I keep slashing at the air by accident when trying to strafe).

    Silly question, but how did you take screenshots? My print screen didn’t seem to do anything in this game.

    • Telwyn says:

      Yep the lore is a big thing actually for me.

      Print screen does work for me at least; but the screenshots aren’t in the documents folder structure (as with SWTOR, LOTRO etc). On my PC it’s buried in the install folder inside Program Files\Games\Cryptic Studios\

      • Meznir says:

        Mine’s in the above structure and then Neverwinter\Live\Screenshots. It does take some finding.

        I’m also finding the combat both fun and fiddly. I really like the auto lock on to the next mob when one dies and it feels a lot more interesting than tab – click a rotation. However, although I like the idea of Q, E and R for main spells, I’m often hitting the wrong one and suddenly find the number keys too far away! I guess it’s just getting used to it though as on paper it sounds a great idea.

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