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Shadowrun games x2

There are actually two new Shadowrun games in production at present, a very long absence of anything good for this amazing RPG/IP and all of a sudden two come at once. Shadowrun Returns is a turn based, very strategic looking … Continue reading

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SWTOR: armour fashion and tidy profit

I only had an hour-ish last night for gaming so as I logged into SWTOR I decided to get on with leveling some crafting skills.  My smuggler has been wearing the armour pictured below, a reward from a mission if … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2: lost in Southsun Cove

The Secret of Southsun event is ongoing in Guild Wars 2 (from May 14 to 28th). I haven’t played much GW2 in ages so thought I’d patch up and login to see what’s about. I knew from the title I’d … Continue reading

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Leveling groups and free to play models

I’ve been thinking recently about free to play (v subscription) MMOs and leveling groups. In the past I’ve posted a number of times about issues with keeping a group of characters in-step as part of a static leveling group. It’s … Continue reading

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SWTOR: summer updates announced

This post on the official forums details the planned updates for SWTOR running through to August. Update 2.2 (June 11th)Nothing for me in this update as I’m not really playing my level 50 main and I’m certainly not planning on … Continue reading


Neverwinter: dinging through invocation..

Although I’ve mostly been busy with SWTOR this last week I have logged into Neverwinter every night to do my invocation (for free rough astral diamonds) and to do a bit of crafting. The first invocation every day gives a … Continue reading

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SWTOR: finishing off Korriban

So last night we managed to squeeze in some Jedi leveling time and a very substantial Imperial-trio session. In fact we did about two thirds of Korriban in the 3 hours available. I’m not hugely impressed with the Sith inquisitor … Continue reading