EQ2: nerdy details – ammo

Playing my inquisitor recently, doing some crafting, I remembered that he has different kinds of arrows he can craft. Not just different levels of arrows, but different *kinds*.

ironbroarr ironbodarr

Yep, two different sorts of arrow and two different sorts of damage (slashing and piercing). There are other kinds as well, but these two I can craft and thus screenshot easily. It’s tiny details like this that I love as an (A)D&D geek. In RPGs having more than one sort of arrow for different situations was common enough, even if not all groups choose to go for that level of complexity (link to nerdy AD&D discussion of arrow and bow types).

He took an arrow to the shoulder...

He took an arrow to the shoulder…

It probably makes little difference in a game like EQ2, although I haven’t played non-caster classes enough yet to really try ranged combat as opposed to spell combat. It also reminds me of old WoW and the fact that you had crafted or store-bought ammo for ranged weapons, and that you could run out if you weren’t mindful of your ammo situation!  Personally I miss such little ‘nerdy’ details in WoW and am very happy that they still exist in EQ2.

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  1. kaozz says:

    To the shoulder, that made me lol.

    Oof don’t remind me of running out of ammo! I do not miss those days on my hunter. I craved the endless quiver AA from EQ, hehe.

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