Update on the games I’m playing

Back in January I did a post on my plan for a “stricter MMO rotation“, here are my thoughts on how this will evolve for the summer:

World of Warcraft
I’m subbed up to June but will cancel the sub then, I’ve played through Pandaria’s leveling content (85-90) and tried my hand at some heroics, scenarios and some Raid Finder and normal mode raids. There’s nothing new enough to keep me in the game, it’s still a well made and polished experience but with the usual gear grind end-game I’m just not interested in anything much in Azeroth anymore.

Guild Wars 2
Remains as a game to play with certain family members. I’ll hopefully get to try the Frost and Flame dungeon when it is released although we can’t field a full team of level 80s so here’s hoping it auto-scales to level 80 like the Fractals do. I do fear the pace and depth of content being released isn’t sufficient to keep me interested.

Unless Neverwinter puts an early brake on this, it’s likely I’ll be duo’ing through SWTOR’s leveling experience again over the coming months. So far our knight + consular pair have been great fun to play. I’m half tempted to start playing more regularly on my consular main as well but I suspect I’d rather end up playing Makeb with the duo than solo.

I see this game as the potential replacement for Tera, and possibly even Guild Wars 2 as it’s another ‘action combat’ title. I’ll be playing it as another duo game potentially but will also solo in any case just to review it and try out this latest D&D-inspired title.

I’m still thoroughly enjoying solo (or molo) questing in EQ2. I don’t have big goals or a set timetable for this and that’s probably why it works. At some point I need to take a look at some of the dungeons I’ve had recommended in comments.

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