Neverwinter Online open beta expectations


Neverwinter Online‘s open beta begins on the 30th, and as is usual for game launches, I am away on business the very next day so I’ll certainly not be keeping up with the ‘leveling zerg’. I’m interested enough in the game to want to try it although I’ve a lot of MMO’s to juggle already at the moment.

I think the game offers several positive points:

+New D&D game to get excited about!
+More open world feel than DDO
+Foundry user generated content system *may* offer a real alternative to standard end game gear grind

From my perspective it also has a few potential downsides:

-4th edition; not my favourite edition, although it’s only loosely based on the rules
-Some signs that the cash shop may be intrusive, e.g. paying for respec sounds pretty annoying

Finally there are some ‘wait and see’ factors:

*Forgotten Realms; it’s an ok setting but not my favourite (Eberron or Dark Sun)
*Crafting; similar to SWTOR as it’s done via NPCs. I don’t yet know if crafting will feel meaningful in the game
*Companions; another SWTOR-like feature. Could be a fun addition to the game if done well

I certainly don’t think Neverwinter will become my main game in the short term. But having another action game, hopefully with a more engaging story and world setting, could mean it replaces Tera and even Guild Wars 2 as my ‘action’ fix for duo or small group fun.

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