Happy St George’s Day: some virtual dragon slaying

Since yesterday’s evening gaming session coincided with Saint George’s Day in the UK, I felt it appropriate to go looking for some dragons to slay.

The Shatterer in Guild Wars 2

The Shatterer in Guild Wars 2

First stop Guild Wars 2, since when I sat down to game I found that this purple monstrosity was due to spawn in only 10 minutes or so. I was very glad to see that people still do the dragon fights en masse. Makes for a more fun experience when you’re working together with a larger group.

No corpse but a chest as proof

No corpse but a chest as proof

Stop two was in Everquest 2. There are real dragons to fight I expect, but as a lowly level 46 inquisitor I had to be satisfied with drakes. I happen to have killed a good number of those in Steamfont Mountains of late, but there was a named elite drake, Volesterus the Veridian, that I felt should be slain in honour of St George.


For good measure I’d also grabbed the New Halas city task to slay ten drakes in the same area.


Last stop Azeroth, a world with many virtual dragons to slay! Opting both for a classic dungeon, and quantity of dragon over quality I went to the sunken temple of Atal’Hakkar, home to a clutch of green dragons.


Then it was the big bad dragon’s turn to be slain.


As a final bonus, I thought I’d go hunting for the closest thing I could find to a dragon in SWTOR…

ok, so maybe I didn't slay this one...

ok, so maybe I didn’t slay this one…


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3 Responses to Happy St George’s Day: some virtual dragon slaying

  1. Mekhios says:

    Love it! šŸ™‚ Grats on the variety of MMO’s. Your next challenge – find a dragon in Darkfall Unholy Wars. šŸ˜‰

    • Telwyn says:


      Far too many games to fit into just one post, maybe next year!
      I could have included Rift and LoTRO as well but I felt they would have been a bit too samey.

  2. Now that was a rather neat concept!

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