SWTOR: a second play through of Coruscant

I really like Coruscant’s story arc and side missions in SWTOR. Perhaps it’s because the planet is so iconic in the lore, or because I’m a fan of “city-worlds”.


The world also has missions that contrast very nicely with the previous two starter worlds (Tython and Ord Mantell). Coruscant is a city so, despite the obligatory abundance of fighting, there are plenty of missions that specifically deal with people and relationships between people. There’s also a healthy dose of politics as one would expect for the Republic capital.


I really like several of the missions on Coruscant because I think they offer something out of the MMO ordinary (e.g. the ‘Gree ambassador droid’ arc or the mission for ‘Nik’). They engage players with an interesting dialogue and/or a moral choice. Thus Coruscant is a world that offers a good dose of choices that matter to the NPCs in question – not “shatter the universe” type stuff but missions that affect the story of a given citizen. It’s where I started shaping the character of my consular on the first play through, and the same is happening a second time through.


The challenge level seems to have stepped up slightly as well, which is also very welcome. After we’d both received our companions on Tython things seemed a bit too easy. Now we have a variety of heroics and there are more silver/gold/champion opponents out in the open as well.

We’ve started in earnest on crafting, finally deciding that I take synthweaving and my partner takes artifice. So we’ll have the option of crafted armour and mods as we level, which should hopefully ease the demand on the available planetary commendations somewhat.

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