Neverwinter: setting specific classes

Massively had a post yesterday about choosing the first character class to create when we finally get to start the upcoming Neverwinter MMO. As the writer, Justin, himself states in the intro it’s disappointing that there are only five classes confirmed in the game for launch.

However, it’s no secret that the ranger will be coming at some point in the future.  The article also links an IGN wiki-style page that seems to be listing all of the core and canon classes from 4th edition, I wouldn’t assume that all these classes are actually planned for the new MMO but even some of them would make the class selection a bit more varied.

With D&D inspired games I like to see the lore and setting of the world expressed explicitly in the game, not hidden away. One aspect of this is actually setting-specific classes. So in DDO (years after launch) we do have the artificer class, an Eberron staple. For Neverwinter, set in the Forgotten Realms D&D campaign, I’d love to see the swordmage added as a priority just to bring something that isn’t the “same old, same old” to the game. For minimal effort they could even give a Forgotten Realms twist to a standard class, rather than the rather lame sounding “Control Wizard”, we could have had a (Cormyrean) War Wizard for instance (yes, I know, different part of Faerûn but you get the idea).

As for my choice, there isn’t one as the paladin is currently not slated for release, so I’ll be rolling myself a devout cleric for sure.

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