SWTOR: free to play, some more thoughts

We’ve now played through Tython as a duo and moved to fleet. We’ve both selected our advanced class and trained so we’ll be ready for the first flashpoint for next session. I’m excited about experiencing this again with this duo (no spoilers in comments please!).

Jedi duo

Jedi duo

As an aside the printscreen button seems very unreliable in SWTOR now, perhaps it always was and I’m forgetting, but I seem to have a lot fewer screenshots than I thought I was taking during the session!

Dinging level 10 brought the first major reminder of our free to play status “you earn reduced experience!”!

You will be punished!

You will be punished!

I’m also mindful of the weekly roll limit for flash point gear, it’s set pretty low at three rolls I fear. I don’t mind so much the other common restriction we’ve seen – lootboxes from mission rewards that we are shown but do not receive. I think it’s pretty bad PR to taunt players like this, just don’t show the things if we’re not getting them! In any case I have plenty of cash on my main I can use to pay for things we can’t afford.

There are some unlocks we’ll have to consider, beyond upgrading my partner’s account to preferred status.


At some point we’ll probably want an inventory module upgrade plus maybe a cargo hold upgrade, especially if we do gathering. Otherwise I’m not sure what else we would want or need at this stage.

One thing I’ll be planning to do a lot more than my first run through the game is heroic missions, since we’ll be a strong group for taking those on. That should hopefully counteract the XP reduction enough for it to not be an issue.

I’m enjoying playing a different class and seeing a new story (the Jedi Knight’s), but also I’m rather interesting to be watching the Consular’s story from a different perspective as we go. It’ll be interesting to see how the journey of my partner’s character varies in the longer term, if nothing else he’s likely to settle on a different companion as he won’t require a ‘pet tank’.

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5 Responses to SWTOR: free to play, some more thoughts

  1. pkudude99 says:

    You’re tank, he’s healer, and 2 dps companions once you get them?

    • Telwyn says:

      Exactly. Can’t wait for us to get some dps companions as at present I’m fighting against two other tanks to keep aggro! Turning off their taunts isn’t enough as I simply don’t have the tools to keep ahead of them on threat as a neophyte guardian. So instead we’re having to stick with ‘divide and conquer’ starting each fight as two pairs and then joining up to mop up stragglers..

      • pkudude99 says:

        Yeah, it’s hard to keep aggro before you get your tank stance at…. 16 iirc. Make sure the tank pets are in their dps stance and not their tank stance, not simply turning off their taunts — that helps too

  2. I think that SWTOR is one of the better games I am visiting again after they went Free to Play. Playwise it is great, the F2P model is one of my least liked though.

  3. Shintar says:

    Late reply because I was away and am only now catching up with my reading… 🙂

    Print screen has been dodgy for some people (including me) since release unfortunately, especially during cut scenes I can only get it to work very rarely. Sometimes it also stops working completely and requires you to restart the game (provided you even notice in time).

    I agree that the whole “look at lockboxes you can’t have” thing seems petty. I do wonder whether that actually works to encourage anyone to subscribe?

    I agree that doing all the heroics should help your XP gains considerably as they give a lot and are repeatable on a daily basis, so if you find one you like and spend more than a day on a single planet you can repeat it later (which I’ve done occasionally even as a subscriber, simply because I really like them).

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