Beware badly worded spam

A rather poorly worded email in one of my ‘gaming’ email mailboxes was attempting to entice me to give away logon details for Guild Wars 2.

Someone didn't proofread the email template before that was spammed out...

Someone didn’t proofread the email template before that was spammed out…

These emails, well at least the ones lacking such a blindingly obvious mistake, are of course a threat to account security. Best practice if you ever receive such notices, and think it could be genuine, is to go straight to the official website for the game and login there.

You’ll soon find out if the subscription renewal has failed, or if it some other supposed issue from the email is actually real. Oh and delete the email ASAP. It should go without saying to never click on a link in such an email and certainly NEVER try and logon to your account from such a link as that’s tantamount to handing some Internet badguy your virtual characters on a silver platter.

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