EQ2: Bristlebane, festivals and ‘saving something for next time’

Somehow my Bristlebane post for EQ2 has gotten delayed for over a week, too many posts to do! I won’t simply post a guide to the event (see EQ2Wire for details), although it’s one of  my favourite seasonal events in EQ2 so far as it has some really nice rewards.

Same horse, different session.

Same horse, different session.

Since I’m still a relative newcomer to the game, these events have a ton of content for me to explore. But I much prefer a ‘bite-size’ fun approach to gaming, hence why I play more than one MMO concurrently. I take the same view of festivals, I simply do not want to grind like crazy for a week or two to get all the possible rewards in one go. Most such events are annual if not more regular so there will always be another opportunity to get what you didn’t before. This approach also has the advantage of not burning through all the content too quickly, usually one or two things might be added new each year but players who ‘gorge’ on events will run out of new things to experience very quickly each time. I’m still playing catchup on all the goodies on offer!



Highlights this time around are the colour-changing horse pictured above and the jumping and racing mini-games. Both good fun in short bursts but not something I’ll be doing for hours on multiple characters. I also did several themed story quests which were a blast, one I’d done before, another I hadn’t. I even had a close encounter with the god Bristlebane himself!


All in all this means that for me the best type of festivals are those with a wide variety of activities and a good link to the lore of the game’s world. Very time limited events or big token grinds don’t do it for me.

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5 Responses to EQ2: Bristlebane, festivals and ‘saving something for next time’

  1. bhagpuss says:

    EQ2 festivals are perfect for how you want to play. There are so many of them and so much content that’s stacked year after year you’ll never get it all done and there will always be something new to look forward to next time they roll around. That said, if I remember rightly we are just coming to the slow season for Norrathian holidays. Don’t think there’s anything between Bristlebane and Tinkerfest in late July (not counting the monthly City Fairs and the Full Moon events). From then on it’s pretty much non-stop.

    • Telwyn says:

      There is an astounding amount of content. I do really like EQ2’s take on the festival instances. Much more engaging than the single boss loot piñatas Blizzard has added to WoW over the years. The polyhedral dice one for Bristlebane is a particular favourite of mine so far.

  2. jsquirrel says:

    IMO the Horse of a Different Color is the best mount in the game, maybe even all MMOs. I notice from your last screenshot that you have that floating, orbiting Qeynos Claymore around your character. Could you tell me where that’s from, please? I saw someone else with it once and it’s been driving me crazy.

    • Telwyn says:

      I think the sword came from To Honor is Human, Patricia Benson. It’s definitely one of the level 20 Qeynos quests that auto-scale to your level. It could be human-only mind in case your character is a different race and thus can’t get that quest?

      • jsquirrel says:

        Thank you. And yes, that’s why I’ve never seen it. All of my characters are Ratonga. 🙂 Thanks for the quick reply!

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