Tera: graphics problem update

N.B. This post addresses the ‘framerate dropout’ issue, where frames per second drops to zero for a few seconds at a time only. It also only applies to computers (mostly gaming laptops I would guess) that run the ‘PhysX‘ system that pairs an Intel onboard GPU with a Nvidia high performance GPU. 

I’ve previously posted about problems I was having with Tera suddenly becoming almost unplayable. At the time I did searches, read forum posts and reluctantly started fiddling with the ini configuration files within the game’s Client\S1Game sub-folder.

This fixed it until the last time I tried playing when I suddenly found the problem was back again – FPS dropping to 0 and staying in the single digits a lot of the time. Checking the temperature gauges with SpeedFan I could tell the Nvidia GPU wasn’t being used.

So I re-edited the S1Engine.ini file (in the folder mentioned above) with the following single change:

Replacing bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=False   with the line bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=True

Hey-presto FPS is back in the 20-40 range as expected. There are probably other tweaks I could do from these same guidelines (source link) to further improve performance but this one change makes all the difference on my machine.

It’s very annoying that regular game updates are undoing these changes. Since I don’t know what other changes a game update might make to these config files, I can’t simply keep a copy of the corrected version – I have to re-edit the file each time the patcher updates the game to fix this! Clearly this is an issue with the game engine or the dev’s customisations to that engine, I find myself increasingly intolerant of game engine issues like this. I expect games to ‘just work’ these days and not require arcane configuration file manipulations just to get them running at a half-decent speed.

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