GW2: living story update

Yesterday we played Guild Wars 2 for the first time with a guildmate. It was a well timed dip back in as there was new living story content and the April Fools style Asuran madness that is the Super Adventure Box.


The living story update consisted of two instanced story lines, as you would expect with this story arc – there’s the Norn story to confront the dredge half of the enemy alliance. There’s also the Charr part to confront the flame legion traitors. The event has open world content, which is where we started.


The open world activities mainly seems to consist of repelling invasions now, although the repairing signs and collecting mementos still exists in-game of course. The fights are fun and they feature new strangely hybrid dredge and the para-elemental looking charr. The story however continues mainly through the two instanced ‘personal story’ chains. There are clear instructions in-game on how to access both of these – just ask a herald to get started.


We ran through both as a trio, a good size for the content – perhaps it scales to group size, but I would have thought it would be a tough challenge to solo. You certainly don’t need a full group to do this though.

After that we were running out of time so we thought we’d best have a quick look at Super Adventure Box. It links quite nicely with my post yesterday on real world content in MMOs.


First comment was “it looks like minecraft!”. It’s a very intricate mini-game, Ravious of Kill Ten Rats has a balanced post on this new content.


I also found the combat is very unresponsive compared with the main game which I found jarring given it’s the same engine. I will probably give it another try but since I can only take jumping puzzles in small doses these-days I won’t play it much. I will be looking forward to the next part of the living story, so that at least is a reason to be logging in again soon.

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