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EQ2: nerdy details – ammo

Playing my inquisitor recently, doing some crafting, I remembered that he has different kinds of arrows he can craft. Not just different levels of arrows, but different *kinds*. Yep, two different sorts of arrow and two different sorts of damage … Continue reading

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SWTOR: ‘Muo’ gameplay

The EQ2 community has the term ‘molo’ for those who solo with a mercenary. In SWTOR we’ve just completed the Hammer Station flashpoint as a duo + companions (so perhaps this is muo’ing?). I’ve done the first couple of flashpoints … Continue reading

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Update on the games I’m playing

Back in January I did a post on my plan for a “stricter MMO rotation“, here are my thoughts on how this will evolve for the summer: World of Warcraft I’m subbed up to June but will cancel the sub … Continue reading

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Neverwinter Online open beta expectations

Neverwinter Online‘s open beta begins on the 30th, and as is usual for game launches, I am away on business the very next day so I’ll certainly not be keeping up with the ‘leveling zerg’. I’m interested enough in the … Continue reading

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EQ2: an anatomy of enjoyable questing

Everquest 2 has been around a long time; it has grown a lot since launch and represents,  to new players like me, an incredible amount of content to play through. One aspect to the game that surprised me from the … Continue reading

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Pathfinder Online and social fabric

I’ve been reading several blog posts about the lack of community in MMORPGs these days, you know the tendency of players to treat other players like NPCs as they chain-run dungeons for loot upgrades. Psychochild raises the issue of social … Continue reading

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Happy St George’s Day: some virtual dragon slaying

Since yesterday’s evening gaming session coincided with Saint George’s Day in the UK, I felt it appropriate to go looking for some dragons to slay. First stop Guild Wars 2, since when I sat down to game I found that … Continue reading

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