Tera: popori duo

Another gaming session with the popori duo, it’s great fun to play as a lancer / mystic duo in this game.

Tanking practice

Tanking practice

Near the end of the starter zone there are a couple of instanced quests that offer more of a challenge to a duo of characters than general questing. Tanking as a melee in Tera seems very positional – my lance attacks do damage in a line heading in front of me (which makes sense). I only have one cleave like area attack so far so I can’t just jump into a big crowd and expect to grab all their attention. Rather I have to angle across the line of an advancing group to catch them as they run in.

"Hey I'm the tank in this group!"

“Hey I’m the tank in this group!”

The mystic class has helper pets called thralls. The first one is a tank-lite pet so I do find myself fighting for aggro against this little guy. That’s actually a good thing as it’s giving me practice at aggro management from an early level.



The end of the island has a fight against a BAM, it was soloable on my priest as there’s a NPC healer tagging along. As a tank/healer duo it was a nice workout of dungeon-like difficulty.

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  1. yanniesaurus says:

    Yeah, I never use my thrall unless I am soloing. It is so hard for the tank to keep hate otherwise.

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