Diablo 3 on the PS/3

Random piece of gaming news that I saw this morning. Blizzard have demo’ed Diablo 3 at Pax East and have announced as footnotes that the game will have an offline mode and no real money auction house. That does sound like a better game, there’s even going to be a dodge move added! Sadly if the in-game gold auction house is still there then the ‘gearing through random drops’ core gameplay of the franchise will still be pretty broken.

Of course, I didn’t explicitly pay for the game in the first place on PC, I had it as part of the questionable purchase of the annual subscription to WoW. So I’m certainly not splashing cash on a second version of the game for a console. I guess there’s a whole new audience of Playstation players who don’t have the legacy history of how epic the first and second games were on PC, nor direct experience of how bad in comparison the latest installment was.

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