“Experience” hunting

I think I’m more of an “experience-driven” player rather than reward-driven. I put experience in quotes because in this genre experience more often than not refers to the ‘progress to next level’ meter. Clearly I mean doing stuff I haven’t done before.

So story is important and different level paths for alts. I like taking on challenging fights just to experience the fight, I do not get anything out of repeating that fight every night for several weeks to collect some reward tokens or purple gear. I suspect this has also driven my desire to try different MMOs since game hoping is the most efficient way to have a whole heap of new gaming experiences. The longer you play the one game the fewer new things are left to do.

This is on my mind since several games are shouting “play me and have a unique experience, limited time offer!” at the moment.

Tera has the Dracoloth Rising, so for a few days only there are randomly spawned big dragons (BAMs) to fight in the open world. As a very low-level priest near Lumbertown I saw one of these but of course never experienced fighting one. I’ll not get that experience this time around either as I suspect they’re for level 60s to fight. But I’d like to watch others fight one just to have seen an epic battle.

Everquest 2 has two things on overlapping. The moonlight enchantments event was fun last time I saw it, and I’m very tempted to jump back in and see what I can do (especially any crafting stuff).  There’s also the chronoportals event, which sounds very cool. I was playing last time this was up but didn’t get to experience it so I’d love to do at least one of these instances.

That’s probably more than I can fit into an already busy weekend but who knows, maybe I’ll cram it all in!

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2 Responses to “Experience” hunting

  1. j3w3l says:

    that kind of describes me as well.. the experience hunting part that is. Play everything i can get the time to

  2. yanniesaurus says:

    Yeah, I’m not gonna lie.. I’m always after the reward. Sure, the experience is all well and good, but if there is a reward at the end, even better!

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