EQ2: logistical nightmare or hoarders delight?

The latest update to EQ2 has brought in the unlocking of all bag and bank slots for free to play players (my account is silver level).


A screenshot of my warden’s available storage space including bags (right), personal bank (upper left) and shared bank (lower left). He’s a tailor so he can make bags, currently 16 slot is the best. So if I at least replace all the smaller bags with 16 slot bags that’ll increase this space a great deal already. Do I treat this newfound bonanza of slots as a great boon of generosity from SoE or a potential logistical nightmare? WoW has not a patch on the organisational challenge of inventory management in EQ2!

Just to emphasize; through the unlock of restrictions I’ve now got an extra two bag slots per character, an extra eight bank slots per character and an extra six shared bank slots!

I’m not yet ready to swap games from Tera so I’m not playing EQ2 again per se, but I did have a quick run around on my shadowknight for a change of pace.


This giant dragon-themed bridge separates two of the isles of Timorous Deeps, the Sarnak starter zone. Despite the slightly aged graphics, the level of detail is still impressive. Middle distance behind the giant claw bending to the left is a green line, a vine actually which connects a tree to the near side cliff-face (out of shot). That vine has gorillas walking and sitting on it!


I randomly spotted that the city vendor here sells a globe map of Norrath for your house. That is such a cool housing item! It’s rather expensive to this character but I may well have to get it for my main if he can afford it.

This character is my potential tank and my armoursmith, my main wears plate so I need a character leveling up to be able to equip him! I’m trying out tanking again in a few of the games I play as I seem to always play healers. It’s not that I’m bored with healing, far from it, but a change of pace is good occasionally. I’ll be posting my experiences of the lancer from Tera once I’ve actually reached some proper group content.

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7 Responses to EQ2: logistical nightmare or hoarders delight?

  1. pkudude99 says:

    16-slot bags? Piker! All my toons have max-sized boxes. Storage space out the yang. . . . . Of course I always just buy them. I have a high-level jeweler and sage but never could really bring myself to level up too many crafters. And I have to say high-level since they were capped when I last played, but the cap is higher now.

    I’ve got the game installed on my new rig. I may just have to log in again sometime. You have inspired me!

    • Telwyn says:

      It’s a self-sufficiency thing for me, being able to make my own bags is a must do in MMOs if it’s possible at all. I’ll replace the 16 slots bags with larger ones once I’ve gotten around to leveling my tailor some more 😉

      • pkudude99 says:

        Didn’t they change it sometime in the past couple of years where the biggest bags can now be the same size as the biggest boxes? I thought I’d read that somewhere. If not…. carpenters making boxes are the way to go. Well, except I really haven’t played much since the stat rebalancing — would this be feasible for non-fighters that don’t really have any STR stat anymore? IIRC, the boxes weighed 100 lbs on their own and didn’t reduce the weight of what you carried, but even my mages could still carry 6 boxes and any loot I cared to put in them without looking at the weight limits. I have no idea if that’s still the case.

      • Telwyn says:

        Didn’t even realise there was a weight limit, though I’d not be surprised given the detail of EQ2’s rule system. Hmm, my main might be able to make boxes, I’ll have to look into that as well!

  2. Mekhios says:

    A bit off subject but I gave EQ2 a good workout on the weekend. I levelled a Shadow Knight to 11 (or 12?). The game mechanics seem quite detailed but I was left unimpressed by the combat. Every combat action seems to have an annoyingly long delay and I find myself spamming keys to no effect. I can’t remember if it was this bad when I trialled EQ2 many years ago.

    Also the world graphics seem rather bland. This is to be expected for a 2004 MMO I guess. I am not sure if I can overlook the blandness of the graphics and combat to keep playing it. I’ve been horribly spoilt by GW2 which is a shame as EQ2 seems like a great MMO. 😦

    • Telwyn says:

      I can understand your point on the graphics, having played GW2 and Tera they do look dated. But the depth and breadth of the game is pretty amazing. I find the combat engaging enough, although of course it doesn’t have the pace of action combat. I do really like the heroic opportunity system as something to spice up combat.

      • Mekhios says:

        Yes the opportunity system is a great idea. Even though I posted slightly negative comments above I’ve decided to subscibe for 3 months on a gold membership. There are many aspects of this MMO I do like and want to give it a fair go.

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