WoW: no more 5-mans for Pandaria?

Azuriel has a post up highlighting the stated intention of Blizzard’s devs not to produce any more 5-man dungeons for the current expansion. So we’re to stick with Scenarios and LFR as the new group content pre-raiding for the upcoming patches

This decision seems a continuation of the ‘random-grouping is king’ philosophy of Blizzards these days. The gearing argument mentioned in Azuriel’s post is true enough. if you can get your valor point gear from tankless Scenarios, why bother running 5-mans where the LFD queue time is much longer? That’s the big problem I have with Blizzard’s apparent vision of the game. I don’t want to pug stuff in WoW, the community is just way too awful. It’s bad enough in the densely packed daily questing zones where players are fighting over one another for pulls and quest items. If you’ve played GW2 much you have probably seen MMOs don’t have to be like this.

The issue with not producing 5-mans is that they were good content for smaller guilds to play together if you didn’t care for raiding. They were also a great learning environment for leveling a new class or role. Sure, running Scenarios is one alternative but what if you want to actually play a tanking character or a healer? In response to the obvious suggestion of running LFR together as an alternative, I’d say as an activity to do just to play with friends it’s far from ideal. I certainly wouldn’t want to try to learn tanking or healing at end-game (it’s generally ‘faceroll’ easy before that since the gear scaling is so bad now) in LFR!

Given that so many WoW players seem obsessed with ‘gogo’ gameplay the crowd will probably flock away from the existing dungeons towards scenarios and then LFR as the route to end-game. It makes sense given the long-standing problems with LFD and waiting for tanks. Despite that logical understanding I always find Blizzard’s approach to these issues to be far too cold-hearted, they just want us to play their way and be good little random group players together. It’s not my idea of MMO gameplay at all.

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3 Responses to WoW: no more 5-mans for Pandaria?

  1. Meznir says:

    Good post and I mostly agree. I guess at least Blizz are saying that Chellenge Mode dungeons won’t be going into LFD and are designed for players who know each other – so at least there’s “something”; although that does necessitate having 5 players online who all want to do them and know their tactics and their classes well – so not exactly a way to start learning roles – but somewhere to possibly go after…

  2. Wulfstan says:

    The strange thing is that I’m having most fun tanking 5-mans at the moment. There’s something calming about a nice smooth run, and almost every 5-man is this now.
    I never felt this in previous expansions: Cata they were too stressful, LK I had to fight my party for aggro, BC were mini-raids (albeit leaving me with fond memories), and Vanilla…. trash respawns… (I only saw BRD emporer ONCE in the whole of Vanilla, and that was when you could 10-man BRD!)
    Scnearios I should like, but they feel too bland. I struggle with LFR community when content is even remotely challenging. And I’m burnt out on raids (I’ve think normals are currently over-tuned).
    However, I’m at peace with the decision to add no new 5-mans, as I don’t want a return to ZA/ZG or HoR. Maybe I’ll feel differently in another year…

    • Telwyn says:

      It’s a shame Blizzard couldn’t see 5 mans as horizontal expansion – more stories and just something different to do using the tried and tested model (with challenge modes to make them relevant to latest tier end-game geared characters). I agree scenarios just seem too ‘directed’ in comparison.

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