Tera: grouping, bad habits

I’ve had a couple of sessions of Tera this week so far. I’ve started a popori duo with my partner to show him the game. This time I’ll be playing a lancer so I can give tanking a go, looking forward to duo’ing some BAMs with his mystic!

I haven’t forgotten my priest though and played a good session on him solo last night. This brings me on to the next topic. Grouping seems to be less common now I’m in the late 30s than when I was in the 20s. I guess the game’s population spreads out on the server naturally as there are sometimes more than one zone to do at a given level. Also people are more likely to be in a guild by then and thus prone to grouping with their guild by preference. I was about to complain about it to my guild in chat when I stumbled on a group to do a quest BAM.


I’d run up to a few players solo’ing BAMs asking for a group with no luck, but for this monstrous lizard I was invited almost immediately to join. In fact not long after in the beach zone nearby I had someone throw an invite after I was taking major damage from another quest BAM, it was good to find that people still do group up and help others sometimes!


I’ve had to catch myself trying to play Tera like other MMOs of late because I’m playing a fair amount of WoW again. Standing still and spamming attacks at mobs is generally a bad idea, it’s a very bad idea if you’re a healer! Movement is important as is timing the heavier-hitting attacks.

Shocking implosion is a very key skill for priests when solo’ing at least up to my current level of 38. The sphere effect hits anything stood up to three meters in front of you, so the tactical sub-game of getting monsters to stand on roughly the same spot is important. The spell can half-kill most standard mobs, sometimes more if one of its pulses crits. But this isn’t as easy as it might sound since many creatures will have dodges, sidesteps and patterns of attack other than just “run at the hero”.

I’ve also read that using direct heals is bad healing for priests, the Area of Effect (AoE) heals (strangely) generate lower threat and so generally I should use the AoE heals most. The heavy lock-on heal should only be used sparingly. This seems a bit backwards to me, at least from a threat perspective – AoE heals simply by the number of targets affected would generate more threat than single target heals. It’s just a different way of looking at some standard aspects MMO group content. I’m happy to relearn this all in a new context as it makes things more interesting, but it looks like I have quite a few ‘bad’ habits to unlearn!

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  1. j3w3l says:

    it’s a shame many people are still stuck in their solo questing routines as it is always a lot funner with company. Good to know there are still a few around.. I think it tapered off around those zones even when I was playing near release but increased a lot near cap.

    All these talks of tera make me want to get back into to bad sadly the aussie ping and a little server strain makes it no fun now.

    it’s definitely weird but fun healing, the aoe skills are always a good habit to have but as long as you weave a auto attack in now and then your fine to use the targeted one. for some reason they count as a large critical hit attack, but this balances out when using small weak auto attacks

    • Telwyn says:

      Yep, after such a good start I was a bit disappointed to find the lack of grouping – though I haven’t been that proactive so I’m part of the problem (as usual). Doesn’t help that my guild imploded soon after I joined it, though it is recovering thankfully. I’m looking forward to cap in this game for once as I want to try some bigger BAM fights and other group activities. My only fear is I’ll get to cap without having had a decent amount of practice at healing…

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