WoW: patch 5.2 impressions

I’ve played quite a few rounds of 5.2’s daily zone the Isle of Thunder now.


Interestingly, like the world events in Rift, this content has stages with a clearly locked second half to the island not yet accessible.


I’m quite a fan of the Zul’Drak zone in Northrend, and this boss from the Drak’Tharon instance was a welcome return even if he’s just for decoration!


The Kirin Tor mages from Dalaran are also a major feature of the Alliance storyline, again something I thoroughly approve of. The ‘purple dome’ shields are almost invisible from outside, and while inside you are stealthed from all creatures, this comes in handy when running from an accidental over-pull!


There’s a subzone wherein you are transformed into a Saurok. This gives you the ability to leap long distances and gives you immunity to fall damage. Who’d have thought leaping around the rocky landscape could be such fun!


There are a good number of named monsters, mini-bosses effectively. Some are needed for quest completion, others are there to provide a bit of challenge. The bosses have some ‘telegraphed’ abilities, with very nice graphical effects. The giant dinosaur in the Saurok zone above is especially noteworthy as it’s reminiscent of the Fel Reaver robot from Hellfire – beware this monstrosity catching you while your fighting in that zone!

I’m positive about the 5.2 content so far. It’s well constructed, just the right balance of daily grind and interesting quests. I’d say it’s a good deal more engaging than the Molten Front from the Cataclysm expansion but then perhaps that’s my bias towards the troll race as a part of the game’s lore.

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