Tera: screenshot love

I managed to get my FPS issues fixed with Tera, not exactly sure what worked but the combination of fiddling with a config file and updating everything I could find has me the in-game graphics auto-selecting 5 out of 6 instead of 0 out of 6 for quality. I’m getting a solid 40 fps as well which is fine with me.

Giant, giant ruins

Giant, giant ruins

The design work on the current zone I’m in is pretty stunning. I was lucky enough to visit Petra and Luxor last year and I find this zone very reminiscent of that style of antiquity.

The 'Sky Whale'

The ‘Sky Whale’


The somewhat mysterious ‘Sky Whale’ is clearly visible on occasion as you quest around the Colossal Ruins zone. It even sometimes flies directly overhead at a low altitude – very impressive!



The interior designs are equally impressive, this is from one of the solo instances that typically cap off the storyline for a given zone. These mini dungeons are put to good effect in telling the over-arching story of the game, plus they have some lovely artwork!

I’m still thoroughly enjoying the game although, as per usual for MMORPGs, my progress has slowed as I’ve risen in level. I still plan to push on to the level 60 cap, although it will probably take me longer than expected because WoW is taking up more of my free time than I first planned.

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  1. Meznir says:

    Giant giant ruins!

    I cant believe that third pic is an in game shot! It looks like a painting or TCG art 🙂

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