EQ2: free to play tweaks

Massively have the news that some changes are coming to the current EQ2 free to play restrictions. In summary:

  • Races and classes no longer locked (except Freeblood race and beastmaster class)
  • No restriction on shared bank space (yay!)
  • Removal of lowered quest journal limit

The removal of race and class restrictions is nice, although I bought access to the main combinations I wanted some time ago. The shared bank space change will be lovely though. I’m not ready to dive back into EQ2 yet as I’m still enjoying Tera but when I do go back this will be very welcome.

Strangely I’ve been pretty happy playing under EQ2’s free to play model, not something I would say for all free to play converts (e.g. DDO). It’s interesting that they are continuing to adjust the model, and when I do come back to playing EQ2 it’ll be lovely to have more bank space!

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2 Responses to EQ2: free to play tweaks

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Interesting that we’re so opposite on this. Of all the F2P models, I actually find I like DDO’s the best and couldn’t stand EQ2’s. Even with the changes, I find it unlikely I’ll ever return to EQ2, in spite of it having been “my game” for 6 years and I’ve got 17 characters all at least level 50.

    • Telwyn says:

      For me DDO’s model was double-grindy. I played as a subscriber and thought the game was grindy anyway but then you add in the limited dungeons as a F2P player and it’s super-grindy. So the model isn’t solely to blame here, the design of the game makes it worse from my perspective.

      My priority in any game is seeing new content, so with EQ2 having most of the world free to access is more valuable than choices of classes or races (I’ll invariably play a cleric anyway if I can 😉 ).

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